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With an increase in demand for counselling services across Australia, *Coviu Tele-Health services are a welcome addition to Your Life In Colour.

*Coviu is the technology that powers private and secure Tele-Health sessions between you and your counsellor.

"Feel secure knowing Coviu is end-to-end encrypted and does not store client data." 

With the current Covid-19 environment, government directive lockdowns restrict the opportunity to visit out centre.

We know that depression is alleviated by connection, so in these challenging times a Tele-Health video call is a great alternative.



*Coviu Tele-Health appointments are a positive alternative to face-to-face consultations.

  • You save on travel time to and from your appointment
  • You can access our service from anywhere in Australia
  • You can attend your appointment even when you are feeling unwell
  • You can stay in the comfort of your own home
  • You don't have to sign up to Coviu, just click on the link we send to your email


What will I need?

You will need a screen device with access to the internet such as a:

  • laptop
  • smart phone
  • tablet devise
  • computer with a web camera

Just as you a provided privacy and confidentiality at your face-to face appointments, for your Tele-Health appointment you will need:

  • a private room to yourself, without interruptions, as best you can, and a comfortable place to sit.
  • a set of headphones (optional)
  • a phone with you on silent (in case of disconnection, we can call you)
  • a drink of water or tea/coffee


  • art supplies - paper, pencils, Textas, glue stick


How do I access my Tele-Health appointment?

We send you an email titled ''. Just click on the link to join your session.

What if I get disconnected?

You can click the link to re-join the session.  Alternatively your counsellor will call your phone to check in, and complete your session.

How will I pay for the session?

You can pay with a credit card at the end of the session, or access your invoice in your client portal and pay via direct deposit.

What if I'm not comfortable with Tele-Health?

This get's mentioned a lot, so we understand it can be uncomfortable the first time.  However, we have only received positive feedback from our clients that have engaged in Tele-Health, even from those that were initially tentative.