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Treatments tailored to your personal needs

Ensuring you feel comfortable and able to achieve your optimal outcome.

We honour the unique way people experience depression

That's why we provide personalised treatment plans to ensure those we support feel encouraged and hopeful during our time together.

Living with the persistent symptoms of depression such as feeling sad, empty, worthless, helpless, irritable, frustrated, or guilty inhibits living life to the fullest each day. You want to find a way to feel happier, peaceful and more yourself.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, being motivated for work with clearer thinking and efficiency, enjoying quality time chatting and laughing with friends and family, and excitedly making plans for your future. These are some of the benefits experienced by our quality progressive therapy clients.

We understand taking the first step into therapy can be daunting, which is why we provide a welcoming, safe, and professional environment for you to share your stories, fears and wishes without judgement. At Your Life In Colour, you can be confident that our progressive treatment approaches are tailored to your personal needs, in collaboration with you, ensuring you feel comfortable and able to achieve your optimal outcome. 

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How can we help you?

Below our some of our services that can get you back in the right space.

Case Studies

A female client in her 20s who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety was feeling lost after a long history of taking antidepressants for managing her symptoms, together with requiring psychological support. She decided to make a 12-month commitment to Reiki treatments with monthly counselling. Noticeable improvements were soon experienced in her self-awareness, identity, and understanding of how her past and current relationships impacted her self-worth. As part of the treatment plan, her physical body was rejuvenated and calmed with Reiki sessions. In addition, we used psychotherapy to help her change habits, actions, and limiting thought processes. After identifying her personal values, she was able to use them to positively shape her professional and personal relationships, embrace a more fulfilling way of living and find meaning in her life experiences.

A male client in his 40s had been diagnosed with depression 10 years prior to coming to us and had minimal psychological support in that time. He opted for our psychotherapy sessions with brief Reiki treatments every 3 weeks in 6 session blocks. Sharing his story enabled him to gain perspective on his deeper challenges and fears. He then learnt how to incorporate new skills for overcoming panic attacks and outbursts. Reiki treatments were included in his therapy to enhance his personal energy. The symbol work, values identification, and communication skills developed in our sessions improved his sense of self-worth, how he connected with others in relationships, and his ability to view life through a positive lens.

A female client in her 40s had undiagnosed, yet personally recognised, symptoms of depression following a significant life transition. She chose to come to us for Reiki, with additional counselling conversations before and after her Reiki treatments. She was feeling stuck and spiralling out of control prior to working with us. After attending 3 sessions, the Reiki enabled her to break her pattern of staying in the fight or flight nervous system response, continually being in a state of red alert. The Reiki provided deep relaxation for her body and mind and she was able to release her deep sorrow and sad emotions. Our counselling empowered her to reframe her understanding of what was in her control, so that she could improve her personal circumstances. As she felt heard and validated in our counselling sessions, her newfound focus and clarity made it possible for her to move forward.

About Us

Your Life in Colour founder, Aimee Robinson, has dedicated the past 19 years to exploring ways to manage and overcome depression and create sustained happiness in life. Aimee’s own story of depression began at the age of 8 and continued into adulthood. She has sought to understand depression through the diagnostic and spiritual lens, its origins, and how best to overcome it.

Since 2002, Traditional Usui Reiki has provided a platform for a wellbeing approach for Aimee and led to her becoming a Master in 2009. As Aimee continued her healing journey, she has also become fully certified in Colour Therapy, Holistic Expressive Therapies Counselling, and Counselling and Psychotherapy. Aimee has developed progressive treatment options for people affected by depression, through her dynamic experiencing working in both Private Practice, employment in external industries, and working closely with clients diagnosed with significant mental health illness.

Through care, compassion and integrity, Your Life In Colour’s purpose is to continue to provide the latest therapy approaches for best practice and optimal wellbeing.

Private Health Insurance rebates.

We offer Private Health Insurance rebates with several providers for Counselling services either 

  • Face-to-Face
  • Tele-Health

Check with your Private Health Insurance provider for your eligibility.


    Private Health Providers:

    • Medibank Private 
    • AHM by Medibank
    • Bupa
    • ARHG
      • Police Health
      • Emergency Services Health

    Please check your eligibility and rebate amounts with your Private Health Insurance provider prior to your appointment.

    Work safe

    Work Safe Provider

    • Counselling services for injured workers

    Please speak with your Work Safe insurer for eligibility.