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Expressive Art Therapy

When words are not enough. 

At times the emotional experience of depression or grief and loss cannot be expressed or overcome through traditional counselling (talk therapy). The multi-model approach of Expressive Art Therapy incorporates painting, drawing, movement, writing, sand tray or clay work in conjunction with theorised counselling.

As the focus is on the creative process and not artistic outcome, Expressive Art Therapy is accessible to anyone seeking clarity, meaning or recovery. No art skills required, only a 'give it a go' mindset.

Expressive Art Therapy is conducted as a semi-directive approach to suit each personalised treatment plan.  Individual plans are developed for optimal outcome for mental health wellbeing and incorporates a variety of expressive modalities and researched based psychology approaches. 



Room 3 -The Art Room

This is a safe space to explore the inner story through painting, drawing, sand tray with symbols and more.  

Art Room

Sand tray scene

The inner story in the sand. This exercise is completed without speaking as placing items (symbols) into the sand becomes an unconscious motion to uncover deeper meaning in a strong visual representation.

Sand Tray